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About us

  • Established in 1999
  • 385 Employees
  • Revenue 2018: CNY310 Million
  • Chaired by Guanglong Guo
  • Location: 28 Liuzhou Road, Jiaozhou, Qingdao, Shandong, China 266300

​SONGLING is dedicating his effort to provide ash handling solutions for power plants.
SONGLING is specialized in design, manufacturing, and service of bottom ash cooling and ash handling equipments for power plants with a capac600MW.
SONGLING has retrofitted many ash handling systems with transferred technology from US and Europe.
SONGLING's products account for more than 70% market share in China.
SONGLING's products have been exported to USA, Jordan, Estonia, Turkey, Brazil, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Botswana, etc.
SONGLING's products allow the plant owners to save aux. power, featured with environmentally friendly.
SONGLING is committed to creating value for customers and creating wealth for society.

  • In 03/2004, SONGLING’s first 20t/h ash cooler put into operation in Dongguan Thermal Power Plant.
  • In 02/2004 SONGLING’s Rotary Ash Cooler for 135MW CFB Unit put into operation in Huaneng Baiyanghe Power Plant, Shandong.
  • In 05/2004 SONGLING’s Rotary Ash Cooler for 200MW CFB Unit put into operation in Fenyi Power Plant, Jiangxi.
  • In 10/2006, SONGLING’s Rotary Ash Cooler for 300MW CFB Unit put into operation in Baima CFB Demo Power Station, Sichuan.
  • In 03/2013, SONGLING’s Rotary Ash Cooler for ALSTOM Narva 2x300MW Oil Shale Fired CFB Unit delivered, Estonia.
  • In 04/2013, SONGLING’s Rotary Ash Cooler for 600MW CFB Unit put into operation in Baima CFB Demo Power Station, Sichuan.
  • In 09/2019, SONGLING's 40 sets of rotary ash cooler for bottom ash and 8 sets of rotary ash cooler for horizontal pass for Attarat Oil Shale Power Plant, Jordan were delivered, Jordan.


  • SONGLING Philosophy: People First.
  • SONGLING Value: Solidarity, Efficiency, Innovation.
  • SONGLING Orientation: Global R&D Center of CFB Ash Cooler.
  • SONGLING Concentrate to: efficient use of energy and environmentally friendly products.


  • Devoting its efforts to coal chemical industry is SONGLING's one of the important development strategy.
  • Providing high efficient and energy-saving technology and service for the field of coal chemical, coal gasification, lignite, etc. is our important goal.


  • SONGLING attended the 19th Fluidized Bed Conference in 2006, Hershey, Pennsylvania, America.
  • SONGLING attended the 20th International Conference on Fluidized Bed Conference in 2009, Xi’an, China.
  • SONGLING attended Power-Gen India & Central Asia Exhibition for 4 years, India.
  • SONGLING is the worldwide approval supplier of ALSTOM and Foster Wheeler.



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