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Environmentally Friendly

The CFB boiler bottom ash with a temperature 900℃ is cooled by ash cooler using condensate water. Therefore, the ash cooler can improve the boiler heat efficiency.
Energy-saving of Baima 1×300MW CFB Demo Power Station
1. Coal saving
68t/h bottom ash with a temperature of 900℃ enters the ash coolers and is cooled down at a temperature less than 150℃ by using condensate water.
In this process, the ash coolers transfer heat of 5.1*107kJ/h from hot ash to condensate water, which is equivalent to saving 12229 tce and reducing 33018 tons CO2 emission per year (7000 hours operation basis).
2. Auxiliary power saving
The originally used fluidized type ash cooler was furnished with a fan with rated power of 800kw and used 700kw during the normal operation.
After retrofit to the rotating ash coolers, four ash coolers with rated power of 4*30kw use only 4*20kw during the normal operation.
Therefore, the rotating ash coolers saved the auxiliary power by 620kw.

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